NJ United Playoff Proposal

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Final – Outlined Overview of the United Playoff Proposal

Chasing Dreams

The NJFCA is helping Coach Jerry Kill sell his book detailing his life and his living with Epilepsy.  We are charging $23 for each signed copy and the proceeds go to the Epilepsy foundation.

2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees.

  • NJFCA Hall of Fame– Congratulations to the following Hall of Fame inductees for 2017!!
    • Head Coaches
      N1 – Fred Stengel
      N2 – Tom Falato
      C – Mike Ciccotelli
      S – Chuck Donahue
      N1 – Andy Johnson
      N2 – Daryl White
      C – Joe Petrill
      S – Ray Reca

Football Camps

Ken Trimmer Retires


NJFCA 2016 Hall Of Fame Inductees



From Lt. to Rt.:  Harry McLaughlin …Matt Lenguadoro … Walt Stoll … Tom Stuart … Phil Simms … Joe Goerge … Clyde Folsom … Greg Arakelian … Garry Luciani