Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame - YearRegionNameSchool
1985CentralJay DakelmanHighland Park H.S.
1985North 1Herm Shaw (Posthumously)Roselle Park H.S.
1985North 1Skeets Irvine (Posthumously)Collingswood H.S.
1985SouthTom KenneyCamden Catholic H.S.
1985North 2Gary KehlerWestfield H.S.
1985North 1Joe CovielloMemorial H.S.
1986SouthJohn BoydAtlantic City H.S.
1986North 1Tom Della TorreHackensack H.S.
1986North 2Clary AndersonMontclair H.S.
1986CentralAl MalekoffSomerville H.S.
1987North 1Joe TalamoPascack Valley H.S.
1987North 2Joe Kasberger (Posthumously)St. Benedicts H.S.
1987SouthGeorge Masters (Posthumously)Moorestown H.S.
1987North 1John DePuyt (Posthumously)Ramsey H.S.
1987SouthJoe (Rocky) CancellierRiverside H.S.
1987CentralKen KeuffelLawrenceville H.S.
1987CentralStan (Tex) Rosen (Posthumously)Perth Amboy H.S.
1987North 2Abe SmithPlainfield H.S.
1987SouthGeorge Masters (Posthumously)Moorestown H.S.
1988North 1Joe GreccoClifton H.S.
1988SouthJim Devonshire (Posthumously)Penns Grove H.S.
1988CentralStan (Tuffy) Baker (posthumous)Keyport H.S.
1988CentralBarry RizzoMatawan H.S.
1988North 2Bill HoreyGlen Ridge H.S.
1988North 1Red Quirk (Posthumously)Dumont H.S.
1988SouthBill GordonRancocas Valley H.S.
1989North 2Vincent CarlesimoOur Lady Of The Valley H.S.
1989North 1Charles Benson (Posthumously)Pompton Lakes H.S.
1989North 1Matty CertosimoRiver Dell H.S.
1989SouthSam VenutoSalem H.S.
1989SouthJoseph Boyd (Posthumously)Central Regional H.S.
1989CentralJoe GutowskiJ.P. Stevens H.S.
1989CentralArnie Truex (Posthumously)Middletown H.S.
1989North 2Bill Corcoran (Posthumously)St. Peter's Prep
1990North 1Ed FiscoDumont H.S.
1990CentralJoe JingoliPrinceton H.S.
1990SouthDick RidingerPaulsboro H.S.
1990SouthJoe Pappiano (Posthumously)Camden H.S.
1990North 2John BauerRandolph H.S.
1990CentralWilliam (Butch) Bruno (posthumas)Asbury Park H.S.
1991North 1Ken SinorskyWayne Valley H.S.
1991North 1Jeff Holbert (Posthumously)Pompton H.S.
1991SouthMarty Pocius (Posthumously)Merchantville H.S.
1991CentralJack HawkinsManasquan H.S.
1991North 2Ted MonicaMadison H.S.
1991CentralEdison (Ted) Bresett (posthumous)Long Branch H.S.
1991SouthDick LuttreelKennedy H.S.
1992North 1Dennis Penna (Posthumously)Hawthorne H.S.
1992North 1Fred KeilWayne Valley H.S.
1992SouthCy Marter (Posthumously)Haddonfield H.S.
1992SouthJohn BarbaoseMillville H.S.
1992North 2Bill Regan, Sr.Delbarton H.S.
1992CentralCary Hamrah (Posthumously)J.F. Kennedy Iselin H.S.
1993North 1Paul KellyPompton Lakes H.S.
1993North 2Al RotellaVerona H.S.
1993North 1Ralph Polito (Posthumously)Wayne Hills H.S.
1993SouthWilliam Stratton (Posthumously)Point Pleasant H.S.
1993CentralDick Wood (Posthumously)Princeton H.S.
1993CentralFrank CapraroWoodbridge H.S.
1993North 2Bill Foley (Posthumously)Bloomfield H.S.
1993SouthJim HornerCherokee H.S.
1994North 1Pete NataleFairlawn H.S.
1994CentralTy Lewis (Posthumously)Red Bank H.S.
1994CentralHal SchenkFreehold H.S.
1994SouthTom CurleyHaddon Township H.S.
1994North 2Frank CicarellElizabeth H.S.
1994CentralHarold "Hal" Schank (posthumous)Freehold H.S.
1995North 2Howie AndersonSummit H.S.
1995North 2Anthony Napurano (posthumous)Barringer H.S.
1995CentralBill McEvoy (Posthumously)Hamilton H.S.
1995CentralJerry KehlerHunterdon Central H.S.
1995SouthJon AvenoGlassboro H.S.
1995North 1Alex TurnamianBergenfield H.S.
1996North 2Al NicholasMount Olive H.S.
1996CentralChappy MooreNotre Dame H.S.
1996North 1Don Ahern (Posthumously)Bayonne H.S.
1996CentralJoe Pagano (Posthumously)Neptune H.S.
1996North 2Lou Rettino (Posthumously)Union H.S.
1996North 1Larry EnnisEmerson H.S.
1996SouthEd Byrnes (Posthumously)Holy Spirit H.S.
1996SouthJohn ObergDelsea Regional H.S.
1997North 2Jack DaviesButler H.S.
1997CentralBill CsatariSouth River H.S.
1997North 1Jack JonesDePaul H.S.
1997North 2Hub Stein (Posthumously)Plainfield H.S.
1997SouthTom Kenney (Posthumously)Camden Catholic H.S.
1997CentralRon Osborne (Posthumously)J.F. Kennedy Iselin H.S.
1997CentralArmy Ippolitto (Posthumously)Long Branch H.S.
1997SouthAl SanerPoint Boro H.S.
1998CentralPat BarbatoColonia H.S.
1998North 1Ron EarleSparta H.S.
1998North 2Alfred "Sass" ApplegateHacketstown H.S.
1998North 1Dick Cassels (Posthumously)Sparta H.S.
1998North 1Peter LaBarbieraParamus H.S.
1998CentralGeorge ContiOcean Township H.S.
1999North 2Walter BartlettPompton Lakes H.S.
1999CentralBob StrgrangiaRed Bank H.S.
2000North 2James FirorelloRoxbury H.S.
2000CentralLeon "Butch" Britton (Assistant)Matawan H.S.
2000North 2Jerry TardiveDover H.S.
2000North 1Neil Aharrah (Assistant)Passaic Valley H.S.
2000North 2Sam Cavallaro (Posthumously)Bloomfield H.S.
2000North 2Vincent Lombardi (Posthumously)St. Cecilia's H.S.
2000North 2Don Carpenter (Assistant)New Providence H.S.
2000CentralOtto Gsell (Assistant Posthumously)Hillsborough H.S.
2001North 2John Zappula (Assistant)Hillside H.S.
2001SouthErnest Oldenburg (Assistant Posthumously)Eastern H.S.
2001North 1Frank BottoneNew Providence H.S.
2001North 2Hank BoggioIndian Hills H.S.
2001North 1Jerry Cream (Assistant Posthumously)Butler H.S.
2001North 1Mike MielloRamapo H.S.
2001SouthLarry MaurielloOverbrook H.S.
2001CentralChuck Nelson (Assistant)Franklin H.S.
2001CentralTom HigginsPiscataway H.S.
2002North 2Bobby TaylorJohnson Regional H.S.
2002CentralSteve McGuire (Assistant)South Hunterdon H.S.
2002CentralPierce FrauenheimImmaculata H.S.
2002CentralDan Maglione (Assistant)Piscataway H.S.
2002North 1Harry McLaughlin (Assistant)Mahwah H.S.
2002North 2Carl Peterson (Assistant)Johnson Regional H.S.
2002SouthWarren WolfBrick Township H.S.
2002SouthRonnie Luyber (Assistant)Florence H.S.
2003SouthBobby Hogan (Assistant)Millville H.S.
2003SouthJoe CorbiDeptford H.S.
2003North 1Tom Bauer (Assistant)Park Ridge H.S.
2003North 1Ed CaporaleMahwah H.S.
2003CentralVic KubuManasquan H.S.
2003North 2Joseph Guglielmo (Assistant)Roselle Park H.S.
2003North 2Jerry MooreElizabeth H.S.
2004SouthTyrone BelfordWillingboro H.S.
2004SouthEd Heffernan (Assistant)Toms River South H.S.
2004CentralJohn Emery (Assistant)East Brunswick H.S.
2004CentralBob DemarcoOld Bridge H.S.
2004North 2Al Calcagno (Assistant)Cedar Grove H.S.
2004North 2Rich HansenSt. Peters Prep H.S.
2004North 1Glen Noto (Assistant)Park Ridge H.S.
2004North 1William RocaHopatcong H.S.
2005North 2James Cannizzo (Assistant)Cedar Grove H.S.
2005North 1Tony KarcichSt. Joseph's Regional H.S.
2005CentralMike Roberts (Assistant)Old Bridge H.S.
2005North 1Charles Roche (Assistant)Mountain Lakes H.S.
2005CentralJohn AmabileSt. John Vianney H.S.
2005SouthPaul Mauriello (Assistant)Overbrook H.S.
2005North 2Ed SadlochCedar Grove H.S.
2005SouthJon BatchelorEastern H.S.
2006SouthRussell SpicerHaddonfield H.S.
2006North 2Bruce Coultas (Assistant)New Providence H.S.
2006CentralNick Spadafino (Assistant)East Brunswick H.S.
2006North 2Milt TheodosatosMadison H.S.
2006SouthJohn Gambone (Assistant)Cherokee H.S.
2006North 1Vinnie AscoleseNorth Bergen H.S.
2006CentralJohn WagnerRoselle Park H.S.
2006North 1Jackie Moore (Assistant)North Bergen H.S.
2006North 2Tony Verducci (Posthumously)Seton Hall Prep H.S.
2007SouthPete Tate (Assistant)Pennsauken H.S.
2007SouthVince McAneneyPennsauken H.S.
2007North 2Doug WilkinsMountain Lakes H.S.
2007North 1Vic PaternostroPope John XXIII H.S.
2007North 1John Bauer Jr (Assistant)Lenape Valley H.S.
2007North 1Frank Vandeweghe (Assistant)Mahwah H.S.
2007North 1George Pfanner (Posthumously)Don Bosco Prep H.S.
2007CentralJohn Mammon (Assistant)Piscataway H.S.
2007CentralJoe B. FrappolliFlorence Township H.S.
2008SouthPaul Collins (Assistant)Willingboro H.S.
2008North 2Jim Bassano (Assistant)Morristown H.S.
2008SouthLou VercilloLacey H.S.
2008North 1Skip Parmeter (Assistant)Mahwah H.S.
2008North 1Don SmolynLenape Valley H.S.
2008North 1Butch FortunatoMontclair H.S.
2008CentralJoe PolicastroHighland Park H.S.
2008CentralTom Carr (Assistant)Hunterdon Central H.S.
2008North 2Ken TrimmerCaldwell H.S.
2009CentralBob Sutton (Assistant)Immaculata H.S.
2009SouthGene Shulman (Assistant)Shawnee H.S.
2009North 1Ken Schultz (Assistant)Cresskill H.S.
2009North 1Pat TiricoLodi H.S.
2009North 1Bucky Kempton (Posthumusly)Cliffside Park H.S.
2009CentralJim GriffinSouth Plainfield H.S.
2009North 2Alan Weber (Assistant)Cedar Grove H.S.
2009SouthTony SuraceMillville H.S.
2010North 2Art Cattano (Assistant)New Providence H.S.
2010CentralMike Londino (Assistant)Brearly H.S.
2010North 1Al DeaettGlen Rock H.S.
2010SouthChip LaBarca Sr.Toms River South H.S.
2010CentralMarcus BordenEast Brunswick H.S.
2010North 1Dave Montgomery (Assistant)West Essex H.S.
2010North 2Joe KuronyiPiscataway H.S.
2011North 1Walter Scheese (Assistant)Lenape Valley HS
2011SouthWil Fennal (Assistant)Washington Township H.S.
2011CentralJoe MartucciMatawan HS
2011North 1Gerry GallagherMontiville HS
2011North 2Bob JonesButler HS
2011CentralNed Panfile (Assistant)Manville HS
2011North 2Dan Romano (Assistant)James Caldwell HS
2011SouthTim GushueShawnee HS
2012SouthDan PidcockClearview H.S.
2012North 1James Cimmino (Assistant)Ramsey H.S.
2012North 2Bill CarplunkWest Morris Mendham
2012CentralRob GenerelliRaritan H.S.
2012CentralSam Turner (Assistant)Matawan H.S.
2012North 2Pat Bottone (Assistant)New Providence H.S.
2012North 1Gary MioliPark Ridge H.S.
2013North 1Shawn PoppeWest Milford H.S.
2013North 1Mark Mickens (Assistant)Butler H.S.
2013North 2John PorcelliMorristown H.S.
2013North 2Thomas Lamont (Assistant)Caldwell H.S.
2013CentralKevin CartySomerville H.S.
2013CentralNick Priscoe (Posthumously)Woodbridge H.S.
2013CentralJoe Paulino (Posthumously)Hillsborough H.S.
2013SouthPeter MilesDelran H.S.
2014North 1Chuck JohnsonRidgewood H.S.
2014North 2Ed TranchinaWestfield H.S.
2014North 2Allen FieldsEast Orange H.S.
2014North 2Sam Lupo (Posthumously)Woodbridge H.S.
2014North 2Kevin Carroll (Assistant)Madison H.S.
2014CentralGeorge NajjarSayerville H.S.
2014SouthTom MaderiaBurlington Twp. H.S.
2014SouthMike Wallace (Assistant)Delran H.S.
2015North 1Ron AnelloClifton H.S.
2015North 1Jamie Bittner (Assistant)Montclair H.S.
2015North 2Allen (Jake) Jacobson (Posthumously)Livingston H.S.
2015North 2Ben LaSalaColonia H.S.
2015North 2Joe Milde (Assistant)Bernards H.S.
2015CentralJohn QuinnElizabeth H.S.
2015CentralAl Tirpack (Assistant)Middletown North H.S.
2015SouthGlenn HowardPaulsboro H.S.
2015SouthDon Olson (Assistant)Eastern H.S.
2016North 1Garry LucianiPompton Lakes H.S.
2016North 1Walt Stoll (Assistant)St. Joseph's Regional H.S.
2016North 2Tom StuartWest Windsor-Plainsboro South H.S.
2016CentralJoe GoergeSouth Brunswick H.S.
2016CentralGreg Arakelian (Assistant)Immaculata H.S.
2016SouthClyde FolsomWest Deptford H.S.
2016SouthMatt Lenguadoro (Assistant)Hammonton H.S.
2017North 1Fred StengelBergen Catholic H.S.
2017North 1Andy Johnson (Assistant)Ridgewood H.S.
2017North 2Tom FalatoRidge H.S.
2017North 2Daryl White (Assistant)Caldwell H.S.
2017CentralMike CiccotelliKeyport H.S.
2017CentralJoe Petrill (Assistant)Somerville H.S.
2017SouthChuck DonahueSouthern Regional H.S.
2017South Ray Reca (Assistant)Cherokee H.S.